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Tulsi Japa Mala ( 7 mm beads)

Tulsi Japa Mala ( 7 mm beads)

100% Original Tulsi

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  • Handmade in Vraja Dham
  • Delivery under 7-8 days

Note - You can only chant on sacred Tulsi  mala if you are following this 4 regulative principles (If you dont follow any of this then you can chant on Neem mala)

1- No Intoxication and no Tea & coffee      

2- No meat eating and no Onion & Garlic

3- No Gambling                                                         

4- No Illicit Sex (Sex outside Marriage)

Tulsi is very very dear devotee and Associate of Lord Sri Krishna ,Such that Krishna doesnt accept any offering made without tulsi , Tulsi is always residing in the lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna , and She is very merciful and giver of bhakti to Fallen souls,even by touch of her and seeing her ,Millions of sins are vanished 

Chanting on tulsi beads is very important because anything which is offered to Krishna should have tusli in it,and we are doing naam japa for Krishna's pleasure and offering our hearts to Krishna ,Tusli devi helps us to reach krishna by her mercy and association 

Size - 7 mm beads


Original pure tulsi


Delivery in 7-8 Days

Care Instructions

Tulsi mala is very sacred and holy,please keep it always in a clean bead bag and in a respectable place,Only chant in Tulsi mala if you follow 4 regulaive principles, otherwise it will be a offence

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Customer Reviews

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Ranjita Mohapatra
Hare krishna ‚ú®ūüôŹūüŹĽ

Best quality hai aur original products hein sabūüėĆ‚ėļ

brijesh Chauhan
100% authentic tulsi japa mala

this is 100% original mala perfect size if you have big fingers would recommend you to buy the 11mm mala

If they read my books,they will be benefited.There is no doubt about it.

- Srila Prabhupada

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