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Complete Aarti Thali Set of 11 Items

Complete Aarti Thali Set of 11 Items

Original Items , brought straight from Sridham Vrindavan

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An Aarti set with all the items and paraphernalia needed for doing Aarti seva of your Beloved Deities

This set contains of 11 items as mentioned below

  1. Big plate
  2. One small deep
  3. 5 faced deep
  4. Small plate
  5. Shankh
  6. Shankh stand
  7. Agarbatti stand
  8. Bell
  9. Archaman cup
  10. Archaman spoon
  11. Lota

All items are completely original and of top quality keeping in mind it will be used in service of the Lord


High quality Brass


Free Delivery under 7 - 10 Days


8 Inch

Care Instructions

Clean regularly the Aarti Thali and all paraphernalia nicely as it will be used in the service of Krishna and used for offering him our love and devotion through it

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