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Khaja Mahaprasadam from Jagannath Temple, Puri Dham

Khaja Mahaprasadam from Jagannath Temple, Puri Dham

Bringing directly from Jagannath Temple Puri

From the breakfast bhog of Lord Jagannath

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  • Direct Blessings of Lord Krishna
  • Free Delivery Under 7-8 Days

This Mahaprasadam is bought to you directly from the Breakfast remnants of Lord Jagannath in Puri Temple 

Khaja is one the items from 56 bhog offered to Lord Jagannath, It is a sweet dish recipe, prepared from fewer ingredients, is essentially the layered fritters dunked in sugar syrup.

Glories of Jagannath Mahaprasadam

“O brothers!  One day in Jagannatha Puri, at the time of honouring the Lord’s prasada, Lord Caitanya said to all the devotees, ‘Honouring the khichuri of the Lord with a pure mind, may you become blessed on this day.  Lord Jagannatha gave to all of you varieties of extraordinary and wonderful prasada, such as khichuri and many kinds of cakes and condensed milk preparations.  Therefore, take all of this prasada till you are filled up to the neck and chant ‘Hari! Hari!’  In such a transcendental atmosphere ignorance and sin will not remain.  This prasada of Lord Jagannatha is even worshipable for Lord Brahma and Lord Siva.  Upon eating it, love of God will certainly arise within the heart.  All of you have obtained such a rarely obtained treasure.  All glories, all glories, all glories to Lord Jagannatha.'” - ( Bhaktivinoda Thakura's Gitavali )

The Goddess of Fortune personally cooks for Him. When He has eaten, the merciful Lord gives His remnants, which even the demigods cannot obtain, to His devotees." These remnants, called mahaprasadam, should be eaten without considering who has touched them or from where they were brought. “Oh what a glory of that place! - ( Vishnu Purana )

Lord Narayana smiled and said ” Tathastu. Let it be so. My dear Parvati, to fulfill your desire I will appear in Nila-chala-dham. My temple will be famous for distributing My prasada. Whoever takes My prasada will be liberated. ( Caitanya-mangala )

Jagannath maha-prasada is so pure that sastra says that a brahmana can take maha-prasada form the mouth of a dog. It can never be contaminated.



Free Delivery Under 7-8 Days

Care Instructions

This MahaPrasadam is direct mercy of Lord Jagannath and even worshiped by demigods , we should not even waste even a atom of it and give it all respects

Customer Reviews

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Thank you for bringing the authentic mahaprasad

I ordered 1kg khaja mahaprasadam and it was amazing! It came in the same dry leaf handmade boxes that we get in Puri. The taste, quality and packing was so good and totally worth the wait! Thank you Madhav Store for arranging mahaprasadam for people like us, who live far away, yet have a chance to receive the divine blessing via courier!

Suprabhat Das
Hare Krishna | Thank you

Hare Krishna - thank you so much and it was just awesome.

Ankit Tiwari
100% satisfied

So good, i've never think that i will got this mahaprasad but srila prabhupad blessings and lord krishna blessings are with me that i've got opportunity to get this mahaprasad. Thank you so much MADHAV STORE, HARE KRISHNA

Harsh Pathak

Khaja Mahaprasadam from Jagannath Temple, Puri Dham

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