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Filberglass Tilak Mridanga

Filberglass Tilak Mridanga

Highest Quality and Most Affordable all new Tilak Mridangam

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  • 100% Leather & Cruelty Free
  • Premium Quality & Non breakable
  • Free delivery under 7-15 Days

Mridanga is said to be Lord Krishna's brother Lord Balarama's Incarnation , it is an important and powerful paraphernalia in devotional service which helps to carry devotees into blissful ecstasy while they chant the holy names of Krishna. In Kirtan, with thousands of people or just alone , the Mridanga raises the consciousness and allows one and all to focus more fully on Krishna.

No leather is used in making these Mridangas , general clay Mridangas are made up of Animal skin such as cow , goat and buffalo , but this one is completely leather free , made after years of research and development . Clay Mridangas are also very fragile and break very fast , this was major reason for invention of this unbreakable fiberglass Mridangas , it can be even used during rain and anytime during outside street sankirtan 

The Mridanga is made from hard-wearing fiberglass and is built to last. On the body of each is the famous “Tilak” symbol that distinguishes the Vaishnava. This will help you to remember the spiritual and service aspect of playing the Mridanga

The Tilak Mridanga is quickly becoming the preferred instrument for Sankirtan and temple Kirtan alike. There are many advantages of these high-quality fiberglass Mridangas:

  1. With a resonant bass head and a beautiful, crisp treble head, Tilak Mridangas have top-quality sound.
  2. They are easy to tune, and with the included tuning key you can tune up on the fly.
  3. Have you ever been out on Harinam Sankirtan and had the weather suddenly change from a beautiful sunny day to what might be best described as a “beautiful” shower? Tilak Mridangas won’t fall apart in the rain!
  4. The drum holds true and stays in tune regardless of the season.
  5. The vibrant, glossy finish adds beautiful color to your Harinam party.
  6. Tilak Mridangas are virtually indestructible, so transporting them is easy. (Some people have reported that an additional benefit of the Tilak Mridanga can be found when traveling by plane. You can easily remove the big/bass head of the drum and fill it with some of your clothes and other belongings, reducing the volume of your luggage and sometimes even saving you money on airfare!

Sri Mridanga Ki Jayyy 🙌

Colours Available 

  • Varaha Red
  • Chaitanya Golden Yellow 
  • Nityananda Blue

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High Quality Fibreglass


Free delivery under 7-15 Days


Size - 25 Inch
Weight - 5 Kg

Care Instructions

As Mridangam is Lord Balarama's Incarnation , you need to handle it very carefully and respectfully , dont keep it at any dirty place or unclean place

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mithil Chawla
Top quality sound

This Mridanga has top quality sound and the glossy texture enhances the look of the Mridanga. The best part is that these fibreglass mridangas are not affected by the weather, as compared to clay mridangas. So humidity/heat/cold does not affect the sound of these Mridangas which is very nice.

Absolutely recommend it, Buy and spread the sankirtan movement!

All glories to Srila Prabhupāda.


Can't Describe My Feelings!

I have been looking forward to purchase these fiberglass Tilak Mridanga since 2019, but they've been unable.

Somedays ago, I found these Mridangas available on ISKCONInc Store and I can't describe the feeling of playing the Mridanga as it has soothing sound and beautifully crafted to precision.

Playing these take you to near Krsna himself and add quality to the Kirtan.

Ruchika Singh
Best mridangam

Wanted to purchase mridangam for so long finally my desired quality product is here only on ISKCONInc Store. Superb sound quality and manufacturing is also very amazing

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If they read my books,they will be benefited.There is no doubt about it.

- Srila Prabhupada

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