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Beautiful Embroidery work Bead Bag

Beautiful Embroidery work Bead Bag

Bringing straight from Sridham Vrindavan

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  • Handmade in Vraja Dham
  • Delivery under 7-8 days

High Quality bead bag with beautiful embroidery work on it , size of bead bag is good enough to carry any size beads

Why to Use Bead Bag ???

-- Our Japa Mala is very holy and sacred and its long in size so to avoid it touch our feet or ground ,bead bags make it easy to hold and carry anywhere , Japa bag protects beads from getting Dirty from surroundings.

Why to Use only Japa bags which dont have Krishna name and picture printed on it ??

-- Because you might have seen printed bead bags with Radha krishna photo and Harinaam , but you should avoid using such bead bags because Krishna photos and Krishna's name are non different from Krishna and our Bead bag is prone to get or we may not able to keep bead bag at clean place and it may touch floor or our feet by mistake which will be offence to Krishna







Delivery in 7-8 days

Care Instructions

Please keep bead bag always clean ,wash your bead bag atleast in 10-15 days ,as it is containing your holy Japa Mala

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